It's all about YOU!

I HAVE BEEN THINKING of adding a blog for a while now, and after talking with one of my customers this weekend I am even more inspired. (Thanks Mark!)  I will make my welcome message a tribute to some of our favorite buyers. (Don’t worry favorite clients, you will have your day in the sun!)

Some, but not all, of my favorite customers-

J-  J works REALLY hard at being an awesome Ebay seller, and he is. He is thoughtful in what he buys, takes the time to do his research before and after the buy, and always is willing to lend a hand to other customers.  I appreciate his killer work ethics, and love to see his smile when he walks in our sales. I once asked his secret of Ebay success and he said “hard work."

B-  B has an eye for all things rococo, goopy, over the top, hollywood regency, the wonder years.  He is always a gentleman in the bargaining process and has a very good eye.  Love doing business with folks who are polite, and know the art of bargaining without being rude or insulting.

S- S is another eBay seller who has a keen eye, thoughtfully considers each purchase and has a hankering for really cool vintage furniture, which she transforms into magical decorator pieces. Always fun to see what she will transform next.

S and D- S and D are two people that instantly light up the whole room the second they enter it.  Hugs, smiles and kind words are always on the menu with these two.  Both have a knack for picking out one or two quirky items that completely fit their individual personalities and I always love to see what they choose.

Here’s a giant thank you to all of the people that make our sales so much fun. It’s the reason we love coming to work!