This month I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old friends who share the love of collecting Blythe dolls. This group of hair dressers, makeup artists, clothes designers, tattoo artists, accountants, graphic designers, ladies (and gentlemen) of leisure, real estate agents, and some other worker bees get together now and then just to hang out and share creative ideas.  

Our team works amazingly hard, we see way more of each other than our own families, and we spend long days on the job.  Not complaining, just reporting, so grateful to be so busy all the time doing something we love so much, but also very happy to spend time with friends and family. As we approach the holiday season, we hope all of you our clients and customers, make time for the people and things that recharge your batteries.

After a steady flow of jobs all across the southland, we are happy to report we will spend the rest of October and all of November close to home in Claremont, San Gabriel (twice!) and Pasadena.