For the Ladies, Estate Sale in Lakewood. 1000s of Perfumes

FRI May 26 9-1, SAT May 27 8-2, SUN May 28 9-12. Address posted 6 am May 25 on

Let's GO SHOPPING and call this a HUGE ACCUMULATION sale, and by huge I mean truly like nothing we have ever seen before and we have seen it all!  Rooms and rooms and rooms full. FULL!!!  Need gifts for the next 5 years? We have you covered.  Want to try some super expensive skin care products at a tiny fraction of the price? Now is your chance.

This one is so girly, you are going to love it.  Say you collected perfumes, high end skin care, cosmetics and soaps for 10 years, and COMPLETELY FILLED your house with your collection.  From Christian Dior, to Covergirl and seriously EVERYTHING in between.  Mostly all new, (and some that have been around for awhile, but still new) some out of the packages, a tiny few have been gently used.  Names like Givenchy, YSL, Georgio, Monteil, Chanel, and so many more.  00s of buckets filled to the top with cosmetics, samples, tiny perfume bottles, sample vials, it goes on and on and on in several rooms.  Lots of nice just everyday regular stuff, also all new and in multiples. Buckets and buckets full of costume jewelry, a handful of sterling pieces, no gold yet but that could change.  Great pots and pans.  Some cookbooks.  We would describe the jewelry as reasonably priced items from Macy's, Target, mall stores, QVC, etc.  No vintage and nothing designer in the jewelry, but a TON of fun things, also all new.  This is a collection of MASSIVE amounts of perfume.  Ok, by now I think you get the idea.   Come see us, you will smell a lot better when you leave.  Friday 9-1, Saturday 8-2 and just for fun (and the huge volume of things in this sale) Sunday too from 9-12.