Part Hollywood Regency/Part Boho Chic

Friday 9-1 and Saturday 802.

ALHAMBRA---in the shadow of Pyrenees Castle.  Plumed tables, sunburst mirrors, statues of urn carrying women.  Tiled, mosaic, enameled, string, and crushed glass art.  A Mr. Blackwell dress, a pale pink feathered cape, a swirly paisley orange skirt. Three, (yes I said THREE) matching wrought iron double based, glass topped, dining tables with 17 matching wrought iron dining chairs. (all sold individually). An enormous putti mirror, an even more enormous putti chandelier, shell tables, a fantastic acrylic/glass oval coffee table.  All of this opulence mixed with eclectic bohemian hand chosen pieces make for a super fun sale.

Please note there are 3 THREE 3! full flights of stairs on this property. You will need to climb one set of stairs to get to the music room, bar and some plants. There is a second stairway that takes you to the kitchen, bedrooms, more plants and dressing room. The third floor is a fabulous craft and Christmas items room.   If you are not prepared to climb a WHOLE BUNCH of stairs, this sale is not for you.  There is no wheelchair or walker access in this building.