Burbank ---Friday January 12 and Saturday January 13.  We are excited to be back in Burbank for our first sale of the year in a house full of rocks, lots of rocks! We also specimens, bottles, arrowheads, small antiques and collectibles from the turn-of-the-century. Where have you seen Dr. Guertins Epilepsy nerve syrup in it’s original box?   There’s a gorgeous mining scale, stereo viewer and slides, a real spittoon (ewwww)  super early RCA television, amazing turn of the century phonograph, pretty but super sturdy oak dining set, cute lamps, big box of 45 records. 

In addition to all the great antiques there are also some really nice pieces of modern furniture. And overstuffed upholstered chair, flatscreen Sony TV, almost new pretty floral couch, tons of old bottles, lots of nice lamps, dressers, a super gorgeous display case for your rock specimens, and just some nice regular every day stuff.